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2110 Reborn

21 Tracks
1 Hour 24 Minutes

If you made a mistake that threatened to take your freedom and your home, how much would you sacrifice to fix that mistake?


The year is 2110. Humanity is driven from its homeworld on the brink of survival as an apocalyptic cyborg race, the DOX Drones, threatens their existence. Earth is lost - designated an active warzone and nuclear wasteland. Humanity's last hope lies in a habitable zone at the far side of our galaxy on a temperate world known as planet Zithon. The journey there is marked with the perils of space, but once they arrive, the means to rebuild an immense perimeter awaits them. The traces left behind by an ancient alien civilization, the Verbatians, inhabit the land and prove to be a mysterious guiding force. Can humanity take back Earth? Join the fight to find out in this one-of-a-kind man vs. machine, military, space travel soundtrack and audio drama from Champion Dreamer Music.

Conceptualized by Dylan O with story arcs influenced by Jonathan C. R. Johnson.

Composed, arranged, mixed, and mastered by Zach Bjorklund
Script and lyrics by Zach Bjorklund.

Cover art and promo illustrations by Weston Durland.

Featuring voice over performances by:
Dick Mills
Mariel Sheets
Nicki Gonzalez
Zach Bjorklund
Jonathan Johnson

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