Who We Are

Music For the Imaginative
Authentic Voices United
​CDM aims to take a visual approach to music, from the story all the way down to the frequency spectrum. 
CDM's business model places the art and story telling process above all else because we believe in the power and potential behind the ideas of everyday individuals over the "power" of a formula. 
Powerful, Dramatic Sounds
Geared toward cranking out trailer music albums for the passionate fans of epic music. 
Curious how it works?

What We Do

1. Provide Content to YouTube's Epic Music Community
The "epic music community" is a collection of YouTube channels specializing in promotion of epic trailer music and orchestral hybrid production music. It consists largely of the Trailer Music World network, a collaboration of 26 different promoters (and climbing) scattered across Europe, and ranging all the way from amateur playlisters who may simply be hardcore music fans, to professional curators who may be composers themselves. This global force attracts a niche audience of gamers, movie fans, illustrators, novelists, poets, and even free-runners and body builders, by the hundreds of thousands. Occasionally, a portion of these subscribers convert into composers of epic music and Champion Dreamer Music represents a part of that group.
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2. Provide a Voice to Talent Outside the Entertainment Industry
There are creators everywhere. They're hard at work, discovering the channels and learning for themselves