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Legends From the Hills

16 Tracks
1 Hour 17 Minutes

Welcome, traveler. Shed your burdens and follow me up the mountainside. Look out over this ridge and to the west you can see the rolling hills and the water’s edge, where the tides set in motion the king's fleet. To the east the jagged cliffs and uncertain winds tell mysterious tales. Either could not exist without the other. Behold the waters edge, the Western crests, a decorated kingdom. Its glory flows like water. Its eyes glow blue. Its heart is red. But from within the valley between, an unknown darkness is stirring and its glory is like fire. Its eyes glow red, but its heart is black. None can say for sure when its wrath will emerge with it. For now it hides in the shadow, seeming to slumber, but one thing is known for certain: its unquenchable thirst for the blood of the destined ...

Champion Dreamer Music is proud to present Legends From the Hills, a drastic leap from the future sounds of CDM owned artist, Astrorobics. A tribute to the giants of epic, Legends is a concept album like its predecessor, Superpowers, but this time, the story arc developed throughout production and now each track can hold its own. Legends is an album that just had to be done, like a box on a checklist, but a golden one nonetheless. After all, what's an epic music library without something a little classic and European? Needless to say, Legends delivers more, and won't let you down. Take up thy shield and let the adventure begin!

CD Insert Previews

& Synopses
Treasure and Triumph Lyrics
The Challenger Insert
Guardians Lyrics
Intrepid Soul Synopsis

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Four additional inserts are available with the full CD release. CDM offers custom made copies specifically tailored to its biggest fans. To find out about getting one, email

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